Wastewater Tank Linings
Southeastern Industrial Linings can line your wastewater tank regardless of condition. We specialize in polyurea spray applied protective wastewater tank linings. They are a perfect way to extend the service life of your existing wastewater tanks and infrastructure. Polyurea is a unique product that goes on as a liquid and sets up as a solid in as little as 10 seconds. It is forever flexible and therefore will never crack and has a tensile strength over 2,000psi. Your tanks can be returned to service within hours of the application.

Polyurea spray on wastewater tank linings are an excellent choice for new or severely degraded tanks whether they are steel or concrete. Our expert team excels in removing rust and eroded materials, preparing the surface and making needed repairs. Our technicians then apply the proper polyurea formulation for your specific application needs. With a service life of up to 75 years, polyurea wastewater linings are the perfect investment in your tanks and provides protection for the long term.

Southeastern Industrial Linings can provide a solution for your tanks no matter how bad the condition may be.

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