Channel Trench Drain Repair

Industrial trench drains serve a critical role in factories and plants. They're the recirculation channels for machine coolants and chemicals. They capture wash water and spills. Damaged trench drains can generate unpleasant odors and harbor bacteria. They collect dirt and buildup from use that decreases their efficiency. Neglected or damaged channel trench drains can leak into the ground resulting in violation of EPA regulations.The cost of lost water, lubricates and chemicals can be tremendous.

Replacing trench drains is an expensive proposition. The cost of shutting down production can be more than the cost of the new trench drains. Trench drain repair is generally unsuccessful because the repair is usually a patch. What if you could line your existing trench drains with a seamless monolithic flexible spray on lining. A trench drain lining that has over 2,000 psi tensile strength and it's chemical and abrasion resistant.

The video to the left shows some severely eroded concrete channel trench drains. They were in a bearing manufacturing plant and subjected to an abrasive polishing compound. Over 40 years of wear took it's toll. We smoothed the concrete and lined it in one weekend. We have lined channel trench drains in companies ranging from food processing plants to industrial bearing manufacturing. These linings work really well in the food processing industry since there are no seams for bacteria to grow in. An antimicrobial chemical can be added to the polyurea to make it more resistant to bacterial growth.

The video below demonstrates how fast Polyurea cures to touch. Polyurea is being used to seal holes in a steel water tank in seconds. Polyurea trench drain linings are suitable for heavy industry, food processing and anywhere that needs a monolithic lining. The trench drains will be easier to clean since there are no seams.. Sprayed-on lining systems conform to the trench and every defect, turn and twist. It so abrasion resistant that it is used as chute linings in rock quarries to protect the steel chutes.