Industrial Flooring

Industrial floors are subject to extreme abuse. From equipment rolling over them to the chemicals used to clean them. Standard tile, carpet, rubber and vinyl are not up to the abuse. Many times the ideal floor would be something that is flexible and seamless. Something that is non-slip and chemical resistant. A spray-on flooring system that could go around poles and pipes would be perfect.

Polyurea is that flooring system. It is flexible like rubber and will never crack. It can be spray applied to concrete, wood, steel and many other substrates. It can have a smooth finish or a hard wearing, abrasion resistant finish. It can be multi-component systems. The illustration on this page shows how Polyurea can be applied to a cracked concrete substrate. The polyurea is top coated with a polyaspartic and aluminum oxide embedded into it. The result is a non-slip, wear resistant and chemical resistant floor. On top of all that it is flexible so if the concrete shifts or cracks again it won't show through the flooring system.