Sprayed On Seamless Polyurea Industrial Gutter Lining
A Sprayed On Polyurea Gutter Lining System will permanently stop all gutter leaks and protect the gutter from future rust and corrosion.

Polyurea is a plural component, spray on industrial lining system that cures to touch in 9-10 seconds. It is applied 60-80 mils thick, it's flexible, has over 4,250 psi tensile strength and 300% elongation. It can be applied to any gutter construction and since expands and contracts there is never any cracking. Rotted through gutter repairs are no problem. Since Polyurea gels in 9-10 seconds it will bridge and repair holes in the gutter as part of the gutter lining system. The repairs are strong and durable since Polyurea has over 4,250 psi tensile strength and they will never rust through and leak. Polyurea forms a seamless membrane that ties the gutter to the existing roof. It will not leak even if it overfills up onto the roof.

In the video above the EPDM gutter lining has failed. In the image to the right (Click To Enlarge) you can the the condition of the lining. The gutter was 190' feet long and the lining had several leaks. On top of that, the gutter itself had numerous holes in it and all of the seams were leaking. We removed the old lining and vapor blasted the gutter using garnet and water to remove all rust, adhesive and soluble salts.

The roof panels were trimmed back to the edge of the gutter. By doing so we could create a seamless membrane from inside the gutter up onto the roof. We primed the roof and gutter and lined it with 80 mils of Polyurea. The bottom picture shows the trimmed roof panels with the Polyurea forming a seamless transition from roof to gutter. A Polyurea sprayed on gutter lining system's life expectancy is over 25 years. Seamless Polyurea Gutter Lining

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