Food Grade Coatings

Food Grade Coatings


Keeping food-processing plants and beverage facilities clean and sanitized is a challenge. The goal is to find the simplest way to protect the elements (floors, walls, ceiling, gate, posts and rails) during the cleaning process while maintaining a sterile environment. Sprayed on FOOD GRADE COATINGS can reduce maintenance costs because it’s easily cleaned by pressure washing without fear of it being damaged by the cleaning process. Polyurea is applied as a liquid that turns solid in 6-8 seconds. It is incredibly durable and able to easily withstand extreme temperatures from -20F to in excess of 300F. Several polyurea systems are available for potable water applications and are FSA and USDA-acceptable and NSF-approved to ANSI-NSF 61 standard for potable water storage; meat and dairy processing plants, butcher shops and any other food processing application.

FLOORS: Polyurea food grade coatings are ideal for food and beverage industry floors because it provides a seamless, durable, low-maintenance, sanitary, safe, non-slip surface that is temperature resistant (can resist extreme hot and cold temperatures), and cures fast. The floor and walls are easily coated with a monolithic seamless lining system. Sharp corners, nooks and crannies can be filled with a bridging polyurea foam and then top-coated with a solid polyurea to create an easily cleaned surface profile.Food Processing Industries Polyurea Coatings

FREEZERS: Polyurea is ideal for cold storage facilities, freezers and food- processing plants where time and temperature are serious concerns.

EQUIPMENT: Food processing equipment can be coated with polyurea food grade coatings to provide an abrasion resistant finish that, unlike paint, will not peel off and can stand up to the rigors of daily cleaning.

SILOS: Polyurea food grade coatings can be sprayed directly onto the silo creating a permanent lining system. It also makes a great seamless flooring system.

PONDS: We can line or repair clarifier ponds or tanks.

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