Southeastern Industrial Linings Mobile Dustless Blasting Divison can provide all of your Dustless Blasting needs. We use the State Of The Art EcoQuip EQ400t & the EcoQuip 2 EQm Vapor Abrasive Blasters. We know what it takes to get a surface ready for a coating.


The mention of sandblasting conjures up memories of clouds of dust and dangerous silica sand. We use EcoQuip Vapor Blasting Equipment, the premier Dustless Blasting Equipment for removing industrial coatings, rust and corrosion. Our blast media of choice for industrial applications is Garnet. Being environmentally inert, Garnet meets all Occupational Health and Safety requirements and Garnet is safe and non toxic with very low free silica levels (generally less than 1%).

EcoQuip blasts with wet abrasive media. Abrasive media and water are combined in a blasting pot which is pressurized only by water. By encapsulating each blast particle with water, extra weight is added to the media which enlarges the impact of the blast media on the substrate. The removal and feathering of the material goes smoother and less media is being used. The water reduces splash back and traps the dust being produced. A rust inhibitor is used while blasting steel so the metal does not flash rust.

Dry sandblasting creates clouds of dust that have to be contained and uses up to 40% more blasting media. Dustless Blasting eliminates up to 92% of airborne particulates while achieving removal rates comparable to traditional dry sandblasting. The EcoQuip unit is capable of being dialed down so you can remove the paint from a Coca-Cola can and then dialed up to remove barnacles from a ship hull. It can remove graffiti and old paint without damaging the underlying surface. Vapor Blasting can be used to safely remove coatings from wood.

When the Dustless Blasting is finished we can complete your project with an industrial coating or an industrial paint or leave it for you to finish.

Call David Puckett at (404) 626-4771 to discuss your abrasive blasting project or email at SILinings@gmail.com