Large industrial containment areas can be problematic when the steel starts rusting through or the concrete starts degrading and crumbling. Hard rigid containment linings like epoxy fail due to the lack of flexibility and elongation. Polyurea is a plural component, spray on industrial containment lining system that cures to touch in 9-10 seconds. It is applied 80-125 mils thick, it's flexible, has over 4,250 psi tensile strength and 300% elongation. It can be applied to any containment area construction and since expands and contracts there is never any cracking.

We clean the containment area and use a vapor blaster to remove loose existing coatings, rust and corrosion before the Polyurea industrial containment lining system is applied.

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Below are some of the polyureas we use for industrial containment areas.

SPI HT-100F Polyurea
HT100F Chemical Resistance Chart
PTU Chemical Resistant Polyurea
PTU Chemical Resistance Chart