INDUSTRIAL LININGS are engineered specifically to protect substrate from a particular class or type of chemical. Different chemicals require different linings or coatings. Linings formulated to protect against acids generally don't work so well against bases. Using the correct lining is imperative to a successful outcome. Linings curb replacement cost by protecting wood, concrete and steel thereby extending the overall lifetime of surfaces they are coating.

Although we apply many different lining systems we specialize in Polyurea. It offers many advantages as an industrial lining system.

A list of a few of it's qualities: Chemical Resistant
Abrasion Resistant
300% Elongation
>4,200 lb Tensile Strength
Cures To Touch In Less Than 10 Seconds
It's A Spray On So Complex Shapes Are No Problem

The applications that Polyurea is suited for are endless. Here's a few of the applications:
Cooling Towers
Tank Linings
Secondary Containment
Pipe Coating
Bridge Decks
Joint Fill
Manhole and Sewer Lines
Direct Food Contact Linings

We not only apply the linings we specialize at getting the project ready for the lining.

Cooling Towers:  A Complete Cooling Tower Rehabilitation Program. We replace the media, vapor blast the tower, repair all sheet metal and line it with Polyurea.

Tank Linings:  Complete Rehabilitation from removing any old linings to vapor blasting to the final lining system.

Flooring: Mainly Industrial Flooring Applications.

If you need a wear resistant, chemical resistant, seamless flooring system this is it. Our menu to the right has links to pages demonstrating the other services we offer. Give us a call if you would like to discuss your project